the patented 4-in-one big love blanket™ and swaddle system

It’s easy to fall in love with our patented, 4-in-one Big Love™ heart-shaped blanket and swaddle system because you’ll use it for everything!

The arm pockets built into the wings of the blanket help you anchor your little one’s arms for a nice, snug swaddle.

Used as a nursing cover, you can use the arm pockets to create a secure, discreet tent around baby that allows you to see, touch and play.

On the go, the Big Love blanket is the perfect companion. The wings of the heart wrap around baby while the tapered end hangs free of the stroller wheels.

You'll use the french terry side for all the juciness of parenting. Lay the blanket on the floor for the perfect sized play mat with pockets to keep special items. As a newborn bathing towel, the pockets keep your baby covered while you gently bath your baby. It's absorbent and you can move easily into a swaddle for after bath. Slip a diaper and travel wipes in the pocket and stash it in your stroller. Diaper Changes on the go just got really easy!