inside belle&beanzer…

confessions of a harried mom…

back in 2010, belle&beanzer designer and mompreneur, Rebecca Lazaroff, was a full-time working mom of two in a constant state of rush:
speeding through diaper changes, distracted and thinking about what needs to be done next.

Parenthood had become largely transactional.

One day as I changing my son, mentally rolling through my to-do list while my 3-year daughter was trying to get my attention,
I happened to catch my son's eye and thought, ‘Look at this little guy just literally putting himself into my hands.’ In that moment,
I understood that this should be a time of connection: I was teaching care, nurturing and gentle touch.

- Rebecca Lazaroff


the moment that changed it all…



 From this ah-ha moment, our company was born. . .

belle&beanzer is a whole family adventure: The Dad has consulted, tested and supported every aspect of our business. Our daughter has her own art desk set up beside my work space. Our son inspired the line and has
helped to fit each garment.

Our line is comprised of essential pieces that are redesigned with better function, to enhance gentle touch &
relaxed connection. belle&beanzer supports families in focusing on what matters most at the end of the day.

We encourage you to take the energy saved by dressing your baby with our clothing to simply...

              ...embrace the moment.


our values…


belle&beanzer develops business partnerships with consultants, artists and vendors with whom they can create synergy. the majority of these partnerships are with moms
& families who are integrating their passion for what they do with their commitments in their personal life. 


every piece of our line is created with intention: to embrace the moment. the garments are thoughtfully designed to be soft & comfy and easy-to-use, while the colors
& artwork are joyfully created to capture the essential love between parent & child.


belle&beanzer is inspired by a passion for strengthening connection within families.