4-in-one big love blanket™, in cloud dancer


our patent pending big-love blanket is the most natural shape for you and your baby...A Heart.

The arm pockets built into the wings of the blanket help you anchor your little one’s arms for a nice, snug swaddle.

Used as a nursing cover, you can use the arm pockets to create a secure, discreet tent around baby that allows you to see, touch and play.

On the go, the Big Love blanket is the perfect companion. The wings of the heart wrap around baby while the tapered end hangs free of the stroller wheels

  • 100% Pima cotton & ultra absorbent french terry
  • Flat seams for maximum comfort
  • all artwork is water-based, eco friendly and bio degradable
  • made in the USA, and locally in NY

we believe that dressing your child is an intimate & nurturing time of connection.  we invite you to tickle toes, to kiss bellies & to embrace the moment.

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