pinkie stripe quick-change shortie™

$28.00  $39.00

forget snaps, Velcro and zippers!! our quick-change shorties™ are easy on and off thanks to our elastic peek-a-boo back entry™ it's as simple as 1. over the head, 2. over the feet... Done!

enjoy easy-dressing, quickly and conveniently in almost any position, including the car seat!

our elastic peek-a-boo back™ entry means there’s no need to completely undress your baby for diaper changes, and provides easy skin-to-skin contact when only your special touch will do.

  • 100% Pima cotton
  • Flat seams for maximum comfort
  • all artwork is water-based, eco friendly and bio degradable
  • made in the USA,  locally in NY

we believe that dressing your child is an intimate & nurturing time of connection. we invite you to tickle toes, to kiss bellies & to embrace the moment.

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