quick-change romper™ - love grows / pink


my moon, my stars is about the shining little lights our children are to us. their little chatter, unique way of looking at the world, their fresh enthusiasm and raw love. 

Forget snaps, Velcro and zippers. Our quick-change rompers™ are easy on and off thanks to belle&beanzer’s elastic peek-a-boo back entry™ that stretches wide, allowing you to change your baby quickly and easily in many different positions: laying down, standing or (our fave) sitting face-to-face on your changing table, the sofa or your lap. Plus, our lap-sleeve neckline slips comfortably over baby’s head.

Best of all, our construction means there’s no need to completely undress your baby for diaper changes or for skin-to-skin contact when only your special touch will do.

For more about quality, finishings and sizing questions, click here. 

we believe that dressing your child is an intimate & nurturing time of connection. we invite you to tickle toes, to kiss bellies & to embrace the moment

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